Jay Gorsia

Creating collections worthy of generational legacy requires precision, grace and a great sense of pride in one’s work.

Jay Gorsia

Architectural Designer

The Jay Gorsia brand was born out of deep love for artistic expression and creative discipline. Gorsia’s journey has taken him from designing high-end residential homes across the globe from New York to Honolulu.
Through a deep understanding of architectural foundations, his furniture designs are beautiful, ergonomic and proportionally scaled to human body.

For over 25 years, Gorsia has been making the highest quality furniture from the finest materials and expert craftsmanship in India. It has evolved from a small workshop into a world-class facility through a process of creative experimentation and rigorous learning.

Our Design Philosophy​

The fusion of design and beauty is the core of the Gorsia design philosophy. Furniture should not only exude style and luxury but should also perform well. Furniture should enhance the lives of its owners and be part of creating a sanctuary in their home. The result is an elegant line of furniture that is incredibly well made with nothing to hide.

As a New York-based architect and designer, He draws upon the influences of the Bauhaus and Art Deco movements of the 1930s. Form and function flow together with splashes of tasteful style. A particular sensibility and flair are built into the Gorsia design language. Gorsia blends these classic concepts and brings them into a contemporary context.

Our Design Process​​

Design extends beyond the visual and into the emotional domain. Happiness is silently expressed in nature, inanimate objects, and even the curves of the human body. Jay Gorsia translates these expressions into inspirations for designs.

The movement of design from sketch to a product is similar to the ebb and flow of water. There is a back-and-forth process of refinement before the final product makes it onto the proverbial shore. Products are a result of the amalgamation of artistic vision and modern manufacturing expertise.

This is where happiness in design comes from. It comes from the process of experimentation and collaboration.

The Jay Gorsia Vision

The future is exciting. State-of-the-art technology allows the Gorsia brand to push the limits of possibility in art and engineering. Gorsia will grow and evolve together with the modern world. At the same time, Gorsia will always continue strong traditions in artisan craftsmanship, creative independence and uncompromising quality.

Beautiful and extremely well-made furniture should be accessible to all. Gorsia aspires to become a global player in exceptional furniture design and manufacturing. This is achieved by offering well-built, long-lasting and aesthetically pleasing luxury furniture at remarkable affordability.

Jay Gorsia